Imagine a man. A professional, highly adored, well respected, handsome man. A man who is just as knowledgeable and sharp with his work as he is with his looks. A man who is all this yet very humble, peaceful, and single. Melvin A. Nobles is his name. Melvin does not know what being in a relationship is all about until one day, he encounters a beautiful woman that is enchanting to him in every way. The two embark on a journey of eroticism, romance, deceit, and suspense. Never has a man wanted and loved a woman so hard, that he feels the need to step away and just take a deep breath. Not only is Mr. Nobles enraptured by God's beautiful creation but at times breathtaking is an understatement in defining her beauty, grace, and style.


​Xavier X-man Green I really enjoyed reading this book! This book is a great grab.I felt like I could somewhat relate to the character in a way because I do feel that women overlook the good man who is going to treat them right but instead they choose the dawg who does her dirty and cheats. I know that I am a down-to-earth mature man who when I do meet that woman someday, will treat her with the utmost respect. I would never intentionally because any harm to my woman, whether she finds out or doesn't find out, I think it is hurtful. I feel that instead of choosing a guy like me they go for someone else and later regret it, but by then, it's too late and I have moved on. I feel that this book defines the stereotype that women think that all men are dawgs, but the friend who they would probably never have thought about is MR. RIGHT and she finds him after she has been done wrong. That's why I think that I have similar characteristics with the character Melvin, who not only knows how to treat his woman right, but how to SATISFY her as well. This book is a great grab, especially for women. It tells them that they should keep that GOOD man and that all men are not dogs and that many men do have a sensitive side and that men want to exhale too. Its a good grab for men because I feel that it can teach a man how to be a better, more supportive man to his woman. It seems that society has made the man always seem like the bad guy in a relationship, but women can damage relationships too. This book also gives tips on how to maintain a healthy relationship and how to look for one in between chapters. Overall Great book Mr. Peterson.! 5/5 stars ·



Shaunda Reed I loved the book....once i started reading it...i couldn't stop reading it until i reached the last page....It took me through so many emotions....i would tell everyone to get it....whether u a reader or like me don't read at all...keep up the good work and I will look forward to more of your work ·

Javanda Brice I really enjoyed reading this book.. I kind of took from my hubby and could not put it down until I finished it..only to me one afternoon-so I was really into it...looking for more works from you, can't wait to read the next one... Great book PJ ·

Holsendolph My friend PJ knows how I cling to good books, so it was no surprise to him when I couldn't put Men Want to Exhale Too down. This book was truly a page turner with the characters' determination, compassion, eroticism, and many other aspects that stimulated the mind. Like I told Mr. Peterson, GOOD JOB!!! My mother told... me to tell you "you go boy!" LOL I am very proud of you, you are a great person and I only expect great things from you. Love you much ·

Cierra Elyse Burton Ok, so I read the book and thought it was a good one. Every free minute I had was dedicated to reading the book til the end. I loved it and can't wait for the next one

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